REVIEW: ‘Rainbow’ by Kesha



Rating… 

Artist… Kesha

Genre… Rock / Country

Label… Kemosabe / RCA

Release date… Friday 11th August 2017

The comeback album we all anticipated, but never knew we needed so much, has finally dropped and it’s better than we ever expected. The return of Kesha Rose Sebert has been a subtle talking point of music lovers from all over for quite some time now, due to the crippling news and aired struggle that the musician has been through over the past years, since the release of her last two albums. Finally, Sebert has braved the release of new music, having teased us with the first single ‘Praying’ on the 6th July, and continued to drop a couple of hits here-and-there until her long-awaited record finally went available for download after such a long, prepared wait.

The album is a clear representation of the struggles Sebert has had to face in her lifetime, especially in recent years, focusing much on her legal battle and issues she had with releasing new music. The first single, ‘Praying’ being a clear nod towards the man who made her fight so hard, being both forgiving get vengeful with in the lyrics portrayed. It’s clear to see throughout this song Sebert exudes her passion and drives her vocal talents to her audience, singing “I hope you find your peace, falling on your knees” and yet hits back with the lyric “when I’ve finished, they won’t even know your name.” A clear confusion with her emotions towards the man whose effect on her was harsh and has clearly done it’s damage, however; she proclaims throughout not only the song, but also the album, that she’s turned her life around and she’s proud of the woman she has become today. The albums opening song ‘Bastards’ and title track ‘Rainbow’ both display a toned-down and softer look at the people who doubted, bullied and hated on Kesha, while the outlook of ‘Let ‘Em Talk’ and ‘Woman’ flaunt how Sebert has managed to find the light at the end of the tunnel in a more playful and provocative manner, as well as teaching us that perseverance will mentor you towards happiness.

Mid-way through the album, Sebert let’s her audience into a side of her I don’t think we’ve ever experienced before. A raw look into her love life. Some songs more playful and daring than others, but each unique and spectacular. Again, this part of the album splits into a couple of cheery and optimistic tracks, and two slowed down, sentimental recordings – brought to you in the stylings of ‘Finding You’. A song to the love of her life, where she preaches that in another life, she will hunt for the love he gave her and hang onto it forever. Paired with this track is ‘Old Flames (Can’t Hold A Candle)’, a cover of country legend, Dolly Parton’s, 1980 hit. One of my personally lesser liked tracks on the album, it includes vocals from Parton herself, and yet I just feel nobody can do the country queen, quite like the country queen herself. A beautiful song, but one that I wouldn’t have missed if it hadn’t made the cut. One of my personally favoured songs, and one of the more upbeat tracks on the album, ‘Boots’ introduces us into Sebert’s sex life. A fun, yet dramatic escapade into her more risqué personality, this song shows off her sex life with a man she loves dearly – discussing the way he makes her feel, especially during their wild, love-driven flings. A complete, polar opposite to her fearless, sex-driven life of ‘Boots’, Sebert play the innocent card in ‘Hunt You Down’, reminding her lover that although she may come off as pure and sweet, if you mess her around then she’ll be sure to hunt you down. The song manifests in an entertaining and oddly buoyant atmosphere that’ll have you tapping your feet to the slight twinged of country laced in the track.

Two songs that truly spoke to me during my listening to the album as a whole, were both driven by the passion of listening to your heart and chasing what you believe in. ‘Hymn’ is a gorgeous track, that speaks to people with any kind of dream and passion. Showcasing that she is a prime example of this kind of dedication, drive and influence. In the track, Sebert strips away religion and fills herself only with love for things she cares about. It’s a slowed down, relaxing and inspiring song to let soothe your ear drums. The second track that’s laced with this kind of message is ‘Learn To Let Go’, where she is finally understanding that she needs to take her own advice to get to the places she’s trying to reach. The song is uplifting and the chorus allows its listener to have a bit of a passionate outbreak, while dancing to their heart’s content.

Closing off the album, Sebert leaves on a high note, especially in ‘Boogie Feet’, a more techno and built up song. Allowing her to show her playful side, telling her audience she doesn’t need fancy things to have a good time – all she’s after is music and for people to dance with her. The last two tracks take a turn that is highly unexpected upon listening to the rest of the album. With two songs that imagine a relationship with a monster in the track ‘Godzilla’, possibly hinting at a past, abusive relationship that she was completely oblivious to until it ended, and a song that preaches an intergalactic end to her life (‘Spaceship’). Promising that she will return home to a galaxy where she feels safe, and that she believes she can be herself. In the finale tracks, it appears Sebert holds onto the past character she used to portray in her music, but throughout the album she clearly represents a fine-tuned human being – who is passionate, striving and driven to reach the goals she wants to in life. The tracks hint to listeners that signs of the old Ke$ha continue to lurk in the production of new music, and that appears to be something that won’t ever be removed. Thankfully.

While ‘Rainbow’ introduces its audience to a few inspiring, ready-for-radio tracks, it’s obvious the artist turns elsewhere for inspiration throughout most of the record. Steering clear of the synthetic-pop induced tracks most chart toppers release nowadays – especially turning over a new leaf from her previous two albums, that were dictated by someone who destroyed and toyed with her human rights. This album allows us into a sound that proudly resonates pure Kesha Rose Sebert, through and through. Across the spectrum, she achieves a beautifully written balance of music, that is set out to inspire not only with love songs, but with music that is for the people with a dream. People who are ready to focus on themselves and balance out their own future.

The album proudly displays Sebert’s nod to her dark past, all the while, she’s shining through to the future on a wonderful spectrum of multicoloured rainbows.

Buy ‘Rainbow’ by Kesha Here

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