REVIEW: ‘Future Friends – Part One’ by Superfruit


Future Friends – Part One 

Artist… Superfruit

Genre… Pop

Label… RCA Records

Release date… Friday 30th June 2017

Brand-spanking-new power-duo, Superfruit, have finally released a full-length, 7 track EP after dropping a couple of songs on their YouTube channel last year, and then announcing the release of their debut album a couple of weeks a go. Friday saw the release of ‘Future Friends – Part One’, which showcases a compilation of techno-pop hit, after hit that fans both new and old are sure to be playing on repeat for the foreseeable future!

The funky, new pop-duo consists of two stars (Scott Hoying x Mitch Grassi) of the a capella group Pentatonix, who gained a following and popularity of their own at the beginning of their YouTube career starting on 13th August 2013. Since then, the pair have grown a solid fanbase both individually, and together – notably combined, love and respected as Scömìche. Now, they’ve moved into the world of music officially, and have proved that Superfruit ripen at the perfect time of year in order for us to enjoy our summer with techno-pop bops one straight after the other.

The publishing of their debut album also came alongside their second track, ‘Imaginary Parties’, which was released with a music video, straight after ‘Bad 4 Us’, was a smash hit with fans of their YouTube channel last year. Proving that their ballsy personalities shine through tongue-in-cheek lyrics, not only in their new single, but also throughout the entire album which fans are sure to get more than enough enjoyment out of. The playful lyrics seen few and far between punchy lines referring to risqué flings and the duo enjoying their more than lavish, and well deserved lives. A particular favourite of mine heard in the 5th track of the album, ‘Sexy Ladies’, where Scott is heard merrily singing “No, I won’t ever make a move on you, no… But I heard your brother’s pretty cute.”

The album is sure set up for the summer, and no doubt will be enjoyed by fans all over the world during the blissful sun and blazing heat (fingers crossed England pulls through on that one!), and even though the album is lacking any slower, and/or ballad-type songs, Superfruit played to their advantage with this debut-album and took a clear inspiration from Mitch’s love for more upbeat and electronic-type music. However, successfully managed to keep it closer to home with the pop-inspired vibe and humorous anecdotes throughout the albums entirety.

The second instalment of this smash hit record will drop on 15th September 2017 – So be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Make sure to download the album and watch the amazing colourful and brand new music video for Superfruit’s new single, using the links down below!

Buy ‘Future Friends – Part One’ Here

Watch ‘Imaginary Parties’ Here

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